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Big Mac burgers Image

This is my speedier version of an idea from Valentine Warner; his Big Mac is made from chopped fresh mackerel, the fish holds in a patty without any other ingredients but I didn’t have any fresh when I wanted a healthy Big Mac, but I always have smoked mackeral in the fridge. I basically turned my go-to recipe for smoked mackerel pate into a burger!

Simply remove the skin from the smoked fillets and remove any thin bones if present, flake with your fingers, mix with mayo and a little horseradish oh and a good crack of black pepper and shape into patties. Fry on a griddle until the smoked outer edge becomes sweet and caramelised, heaven.

Serve in buns with a large slice of beetroot, a little horseradish sauce and salad….if you can bake sweet potato wedges to go with you’ll feel positively virtuous. A heathly burger, super quick with essential fats not naughty ones. Tasty to the extreme.

3 thoughts on “#speedysuppers Join the challenge at www.feedingboys.co.uk

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  2. Mmm smoked mackerel is full of omega oils and I try to eat some oily fish every week – what a brilliant serving suggestion ,I will definitely try this for a mid week lunch! Thanks for sending to Speedy Suppers!

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