Whilst I truly believe there are few greater pleasures in February than a pancake on Shrove Tuesday adorned simply with fresh lemon juice and generous smattering of caster sugar, I do like to play with toppings for the subsequent pancakes – noone in this family ever has just one!
This year, I melted Green and Blacks milk chocolate and rolled the children’s pancakes with mini marshmallows ala Rocky Road, a triumph. My children left the table covered in chocolate and beaming on a sugar high! For my husbands palette however I had to put more thought in, never one for puddings I was determined to have him waxing lyrical about my pancakes…..
We both love pistachios, so I simply smashed some, toasted them in a sauté pan, stirred through honey and spice (cardamom and rose work well) and plonked generously atop a fresh pancake complete with a dollop of greek yoghurt. Husband liked and ate the lot, quite the compliment and I will make pancakelava again as it delivered all the syrupy naughtiness of baklava without the hassle of fiddling with filo.

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