Love it or Hate it….

Love it or Hate it....

Marmite, in pancakes – duvet deep scotch pancakes to be precise with a delicate savouriness that appealed to the whole family. The recipe comes from The Fabulous Baker Brothers: Glorious British Grub book.
I have been the proud owner of this cook book since the launch of the Hobbs House Cookery School and yet this morning was my first time making these and they really are quite special.
Faced with an empty bread bin as well as an empty tummy craving buttered toast and marmite, my go-to kitchen favourite gave me the answer and because they were so good, one can only recommend you go out and get this book
or at the very least, visit this page for the recipe. Sure to become a family favourite and yes, next time I will serve with sweet onion chutney and good sausages as the Herberts suggest.

3 thoughts on “Love it or Hate it….

    • We are serious vegemite fans too…try it, they are subtle, it’s not a marmite slap across the chops, just a hint of savoury – they beg to be served with cheese, bacon, sausages!

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