Not another foodie blog!

Yep, it is, but I hope this blog will serve you well with inspiration and recipes as well as act as a fabulous filing system for all my ideas involving the kitchen. You see, I already write and think about food constantly for my job as an Editor of Making Cakes and Bakes magazine…I literally wake up in the middle of the night and want to develop the bake I just invented in my sleep, and I would, if I weren’t so exhausted from trying to work around my four reasons for living age 11,7,5 and 2 plus 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 work addicted husband and a house renovation that seems to be in a constant ‘messy phase’. With the chaos that is our family life I drag tonnes of guilt around with me because I simply don’t feel like I am giving anyone enough attention, and that’s where food comes in…I give my family a cooking cuddle to let them know how much I love and live for them, even if I am a stroppy moo! You can steam with frustration in the kitchen and still make a meal full of love…and that is what the cooking cuddle is all about. x